The Legend of the Crazy Canadian Part 2 (The Journey Home)

After many battles and adventures abroad, The Crazy Canadian was in a state of contemplation. Having travelled and seen many lands he grew weary and missed a part of him that could not be forgotten no matter where he travelled to.

The weary traveler was not without company, he had taken a wife and together they had a young son. Still the many distant miles from his back home had begun to weigh. The ambition to travel had been conquered and it was time for new to journey back to the where he had come from. The world he had left behind had gone through many changes.

Longing for new challenges, The Crazy Canadian began to put his mind to work. Swirling with new ideas, new leather products and new cosplay pieces. New mediums to craft with and ply his trade into. The life of a maker and a ninja had never clashed before…