The Legend of The Crazy Canadian (Origin Part 1)

They say the stories and whispers first started in 2001. The villager testimonies vary, from taking the image of a cowboy/gunslinger, to as farfetched as a dreadlocked alien. Are they cosplay costumes he created in his image, or is a more powerful shapeshifting at work? No one can say where he came from for certain.

 Working his way through the streets of Japan and with luggage case with leather wallets, belts and pouches to trade. The traveller seems to adapt to every situation he finds himself in and grow stronger from each entanglement. Eventually settling to ply his trade in Inokashira Park.

The story continues as he this mysterious traveller began to find others to dedicate to his cause. Shop owners from places as far as Kichijoji, Shibuya, Ueno, Shimokitazawa began to carry his custom leather goods and the word quickly spread. His items were soon the talk of area and he grew in his fortune. What adventures will the mysterious travelling merchant known as the Crazy Canadian find in the future. Keep following to find out…..